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Understanding The Prophecies Of Nostradamus - Interesting Facts & Prophecy Of Nostradamus | Interesting Facts & Prophecy Of Nostradamus

Understanding the prophecies of Nostradamus


        Nostradamus, if you think about that name for a minute and you know about him, the first thing that comes     to mind is that he predicted many great events in history. However, there many so-called predictions that he supposedly made that did not occur. I believe that Nostradamus was an ordinary man in extraordinary times. I think he sat alone in a poorly lit study writing and had visions of the future. I think we all have visions of the future whether they are our own or that of the entire world. Each and every day, somehow, we sit back and predict many events that have not come to fruition yet because we see what is happening around us. If we go back to what Nostradamus was doing, I think he was more than able to predict the future because of what was going on around him. I think he had a great ability to see the future and he made sure that he notated and wrote about each event that he saw.

Once you understand that Nostradamus did write predictions, but those were not the same as his prophecies, you have to understand how prophecy comes to be. Prophecy does not come from deep study on a subject, such as like how the pundits of professional football profusely pour over statistics to be able to make the soundest of predictions (best educated guesses). Unlike predictions, one cannot plan to become a prophet. This means that Nostradamus was a prophet of God and led to write a prophecy. The result of this was then aptly named The Prophecies. As an author Nostradamus stated the truth of the purpose of his work in the title, as simply as possible. The problem that has since existed is the misunderstanding of The Prophecies, based on The Prophecies being published after six or seven years of Almanachs, with yearly Almanachs continuing until the year following Nostradamus’ death, in 1566, eleven years later.

For one simple reason, had God shown Nostradamus such an event, it would have been to save Henri and not to let him die, especially not several days after the fatal injury, in extreme pain. God would have sent Nostradamus to his king, for the purpose of warning Henri, so Henri could change his activities for a while, thus saving his life. You see, one has to also understand the purpose of prophecy, to understand Nostradamus as a prophet of God.

At that realization it becomes important to realize that the Bible says a prophecy is not set in stone. It gives an example, which Jesus remarked on this to his disciples, showing how a warning believed, causing the required change, did not result in the before mentioned prophecy coming true. Jesus celebrated that level of faith to act from belief. Do not fall into the trap of thought that the Bible says a prophecy of God cannot be changed. Do not find yourself delighting in the thought that the return of Jesus Christ will mean a rapture, simply if you have expressed belief in Jesus, while that return will represent the extreme suffering of millions and millions of people in the world. You cannot sit by and watch the world come to an end without becoming part of the reason the world came to an end. You must act on faith. I recommend your first act be to take another look at Nostradamus, but this time do it from a position of understanding.