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The Humble One | Interesting Facts & Prophecy Of Nostradamus

The Humble One

When we hear of the name “Nostradamus”, what often enters our minds are his predictions. Yes, Nostradamus is a man who is an apothecary during the 16th Century, and at the same time, a great fortune-seer. And if we are to trace the history of his life, then surely we would know what happened to him in the past; that despite his being a renowned prophet or prognosticator, as what he wanted to be called, he was also mocked and questioned by many wise people because they believed his works never had a clear basis. They doubted his predictions and even stained his name with wrong accusations. But then, as they said, “No one could get a good man down”, which, in their case is Nostradamus.

Until today, Nostradamus was very famous especially that many of his predictions have come true. However, Nostradamus has a characteristic that nobody had even recognized; something on him that made him what he is today, and that is the humility he has in his heart.

Unlike many prognosticators and fortune-seers today who proclaimed themselves as prophets, Nostradamus, in his time never considered himself and never accepted to be called as prophet because for him, the term “prophet” is such a sublime description for someone who sees the future, having powers to foretell and see what is going to happen in the next days. In fact, in a number of his works, he never failed to remind his readers that he is not a prophet, and never was. He is just a mere man with predictions of the future.

Considering himself as a mere man and an ordinary predictor was such a sign of humility. He could have proclaimed himself as a prophet or let people say he is, but he never did for he knew what the difference between a prophet and a predictor is. Truly he is a humble man, and his humility is what keeps him staying on the pedestal despite the many self-proclaimed prophets and predictors existing nowadays.

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