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Living to Give Prophecies

Most of us are familiar with the prophets in the Bible and the prophecies that are credited to them. Moreover, we also have a record of how they lived their lives, which is, in real accordance to God’s will, hopeful, and trusting in Him only. But, most of the prophets also had some adversaries throughout their service; people who always find ways and reasons to oppose to their ideas as well as to their prophecies, and worst, stain them with lies and wrong accusations so they become sinuous in the eyes of other people, especially to those who are in high positions. And even Christ received such treatment from people who envied Him during His days here on earth.

Nostradamus, as we all know is a very famous prophet, or commonly, as a prognosticator of the 16th Century who, until today has w...

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Meet the Master Seer

Many prophets have been mentioned in the Bible and many have been out in today’s time, prophesying and declaring what they say is the Lord’s message for all mankind. And yes, we do have a lot of good prophets today whom we could really trust and believe that they really are sent by the Lord. But then, there have also been a lot of people who prophesy in the past, not as prophets but as seers, as how they call themselves. And one of the most famous and the never-will-be-forgotten seer of the past is Nostradamus, for many of his predictions have came true as time passed by.

Nostradamus is the Latin name of Michel de Nostredame born on December 1503, and was a known seer until his death in the year 1566. He was known for his publications in the field of prophecies...

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