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Prophecy and Authority


When we receive the prophetic word, it is revealed to us who the authority of our lives is. And once we get to recognize this authority, we are given the right and the power to practice authority over others.

The Kingdom of God functions on the principles of submission and authority. This man understood that, and he knew the authority of Jesus’ word. He did not doubt that authority; and that faith was turned into a faith for the healing of the servant. The Lord desires that we be the centurions of this age. Learning how to function under authority is vital if we are to be given authority; it is vital even if we never come into that place of leadership. If we cannot function under authority, we cannot function in the Kingdom of God...

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Power of God

power of God

Power is being able to control the things around them and having authority over everything. A Greek word for power is ischus, which means “ability of force” or “strength”. Second Thessalonians 1:9 , “Speaking of those who do not know and obey the Lord, says “…who shall be punished with ever lasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power …” When the Lord comes to take vengeance, there will be ability, there will be force, there will be strength. God is not only coming with great authority; He is also coming with great force.

This ischus power shows us that our God is awesome. Sometimes we need to ask ourselves, “How big is my God?” As we look to our God, our perceptions of who He is will determine how we live...

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Submitting to Authority


God has a plan for us ever since we were in our mother’s womb. One of His plans is to delegate us as His leaders here on earth. The only problem is, not all of us have a problem with authority. And that can be an obstacle if you want to be the leader that God has planned you to be.

Often those in the church who have problems with submitting to authority are those who have not truly met God, for when we meet Him, we will be able to respond to delegated authority

We need a right vision of the Lord to be able to function in and respond to delegated authority. We need a progressive, redemptive revelation of Him in our lives...

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Authority Over the Enemy

authority over enemy

When you started your life as a Christian, you were told that you have authority over the enemy. You do not have to let the enemies control or tempt you because you already have the authority of God in your life. This is very true, but not all of us understand what it means to truly have authority and how to prevent the enemy from fooling us.

When we have the authority of God in our lives, when we are submissive to authority, then we shall be people of authority when we stand in the presence of  the enemy and say,”Halt!” But if we’re not under authority, Satan won’t obey us. We must be under authority to have authority. Think about it. If an authority figure in your life stepped out of line or made some inappropriate remarks, would you still respond to that authority? Probably not...

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Authority and Love

authority of God

We all know that God has authority over us. But He has also assigned us to have authority over certain people and communities. If you were born to lead or if you are already a leader, then you must know that God has given you authority for a reason. It is part of His spiritual protocol.

God has called us to be subject to one another in love (I Pet. 5:5). This is an attitude of the heart; actions alone do not constitute submission. We may be performing all the right deeds; but if our heart is rebellious or if we think bitter thoughts toward one whom we are serving, how can we say we are truly submitted? God looks at our hearts, not merely our deeds. While pure deeds flow from a pure heart, they alone do not constitute purity before God and man...

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