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Spiritual Protocol | Interesting Facts & Prophecy Of Nostradamus

Spiritual Protocol

Everything in this world has order. Without it, we would be living in chaos. Order requires a leader and a set of rules or protocol. God has set His spiritual protocol for us Christians in order for us to know our limits and boundaries here on earth and in the spiritual realm.

“Let every soul be subject unto higher powers.” Everyone is subject to someone. Spiritual Protocol involves the establishment of order; and in this hour the Lord is doing a new work of establishing order in His house.

God is moving in the area of spiritual protocol. Why is this area important? We need to know the limits God has set. Those who do not learn the protocol concerning spiritual matters will always be moving beyond their measure, stepping beyond the boundaries that God has ordained and moving beyond the areas that the Holy Spirit has given them to move in. As we learn the protocol of the spiritual realm, we will begin to know how to operate without transgressing or moving beyond the area or the measure of rule that God has given us. If we are to function properly in the Spirit, we must be aware of the ways in which God desires that we move. Just as in a game in the natural, rules have been set; we dare not break those rules lest our ministry be disqualified.

Discover God’s spiritual protocol for your life when you get your free written prophecy. The prophet will reveal to you God’s purpose and the rules that He has set for you to follow. This will give you direction as you live your Christian life here on earth.

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