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Prophecy And Authority | Interesting Facts & Prophecy Of Nostradamus

Prophecy and Authority


When we receive the prophetic word, it is revealed to us who the authority of our lives is. And once we get to recognize this authority, we are given the right and the power to practice authority over others.

The Kingdom of God functions on the principles of submission and authority. This man understood that, and he knew the authority of Jesus’ word. He did not doubt that authority; and that faith was turned into a faith for the healing of the servant. The Lord desires that we be the centurions of this age. Learning how to function under authority is vital if we are to be given authority; it is vital even if we never come into that place of leadership. If we cannot function under authority, we cannot function in the Kingdom of God. If we cannot submit to men whom we can see, how can we submit to God whom we cannot see? A right understanding of authority is crucial if we are to function in the Kingdom of God.

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