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Planted By God | Interesting Facts & Prophecy Of Nostradamus

Planted by God

planted by god Plants however are not that easy to take care of contrary to popular belief. They need attention, caring and watering. If the plant is cared for properly, then it will grow to be a beautiful one that might even bear fruits or flowers.

Every Christian is to be “a tree of righteousness, the planting of the Lord.” It is usually not difficult to accept that we are trees of righteousness; we have heard teachings on this, and the concept of righteousness itself is inherent to Christianity. But the idea of being “the planting of the Lord” often seems to be difficult to grasp. Yet is, in reality, very simple: The Lord is the One who plants us, who sets us in place in that particular body where we can best grow and be a blessing. We are not in a local church because it is the one we have selected; that decision is not up to us. We are to be planted into a body by the Lord.

Prophecy can help you grow in your Christian faith and guide you on how to bear fruits along the way. When you speak to a prophet, he will give you all the truths that you will need in order for you to grow and be a blessing to others. Get your free written prophecy today and start growing.

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