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Living To Give Prophecies | Interesting Facts & Prophecy Of Nostradamus

Living to Give Prophecies

Most of us are familiar with the prophets in the Bible and the prophecies that are credited to them. Moreover, we also have a record of how they lived their lives, which is, in real accordance to God’s will, hopeful, and trusting in Him only. But, most of the prophets also had some adversaries throughout their service; people who always find ways and reasons to oppose to their ideas as well as to their prophecies, and worst, stain them with lies and wrong accusations so they become sinuous in the eyes of other people, especially to those who are in high positions. And even Christ received such treatment from people who envied Him during His days here on earth.

Nostradamus, as we all know is a very famous prophet, or commonly, as a prognosticator of the 16th Century who, until today has works being believed and used as a reference by many when it comes to prophetic signs and wonders. And just like the prophets and of Christ, he was mocked, doubted, and questioned by many people on his credibility of being a fortune seer.

Living out to give prophecies is never easy, and never was, as we have known in the lives of the people in the Bible, of Nostradamus, and other more predictors. Throughout their lives, and even after their deaths, though many of their prophecies and predictions have and are coming true, they were still questioned and criticized by people who never believe in them and of those who are doubtful on prophecies despite of its coming into reality.

Truly we are in a world wherein we could never please everybody on the things that we do. There may be a very long list of people who appreciates us, but the list of the ones who are on the other side will never be gone. As for Nostradamus and all the other prophets who experienced being mocked and criticized because of their prophecies, predictions, and of all their works, they have nothing to prove anymore for time has proven them to be true and reliable; so much that no matter how people get in to put some holes in their works and names, nobody would believe them then.

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