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Important Prophecies Of Nostradamus - Interesting Facts & Prophecy Of Nostradamus | Interesting Facts & Prophecy Of Nostradamus

Important Prophecies Of Nostradamus


Before looking at the prophecies of Nostradamus, it pays to learn a little bit more about the history of Nostradamus. He is best known for authoring his well known and respected Centuries and also for the fact that he happened to also be a great physician and astrologer as well as astronomer that lived in the middle of the sixteenth century. He not only made accurate prophecies, but was also able to treat people that were suffering from the dreaded Bubonic plague. He studied pagan worship methods and he even predicted his own death and also foresaw that French Revolution marauders would desecrate his tomb.

Nostradamus also wrote pertinent messages that delved into the past to tell the future and these messages took the form of brief poems that were known as Quatrains. He completed more than nine hundred such quatrains that were organized into different 100 quatrain groups called Centuries.

Among the many prophecies of Nostradamus, there are those that foretold the French Revolution and also the birth as well as rise of Adolf Hitler. He even predicted that John F. Kennedy would be assassinated. Among his other predictions, Nostradamus foresaw that the Great Fire of London would take place and that Napoleon would be exiled to Alba. In fact, many of the prophecies of Nostradamus have actually been fulfilled.

There no doubts the fact that Nostradamus was extraordinary and his messages about what would take place in the future are truly amazing. He even foretold that the Space Shuttle Challenger would be destroyed and among his other fulfilled prophecies, those such as the untimely death of Lady Diana and the destruction of New Yorks Twin Towers are really unbelievably true. With so many of his prophecies about destruction and death coming true, it is hardly surprising to learn that he has been nicknamed the Prophet of Doom.

A few examples of the prophecies of Nostradamus include one such as Century 10, Quatrain 79 in which he said that earthquakes would possibly hit the Lands of the West and Lombardy. Astrologers have also predicted that on November the twenty fifth, 2015 and till a year later this might actually happen because Mercury is going to be in Sagittarius and Saturn will be fading.

Then, in Quatrain 62 of Century 2, he predicted that President Bush would be assassinated. Though this prediction remains unfulfilled there is however no denying the fact that Nostradamus actually predicted the rise of Hitler.

He even said that in September of 1999, the king of terror will descend from the skies and bring back to life the king of the Mongols. This certainly has a close link to the September 9 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York. This is a prophecy that Nostradamus made in Century 5, quatrain 97.

Perhaps the most chilling of all prophecies of Nostradamus is that he said that the end of the world would come about when the moon comes closer to the earth. In fact, he even went to say that the moon might be destroyed and this would lead to the Day of Reckoning.