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Did God Send Nostradamus? Or Fraud? - Interesting Facts & Prophecy Of Nostradamus | Interesting Facts & Prophecy Of Nostradamus

Did God send Nostradamus? Or Fraud?

head_who_was_nostradamusSince 16th century, nostradamus has captured the world’s attention. His mysterious, cryptic writings have been the subject of endless debate. Is nostradamus one sentf God? Or a fraud?

God does not want His servants in doubt about those He sends. We should know whether Nostradamus—or any other man—was sent by God. You are about to learn things you never knew before.  Nostradamus would have visions during these sessions, he would record them after returning to his senses. He would include these recordings of his visions in his almanacs. the first of his almanacs was published in 1550. He produced the almanacs, which contain predictions for every month of the year, annually for the rest of his life. Hailed by millions, and known the world over, this man is among the most famous people in history. Many believe Nostradamus’ writings hold the key to understanding the future’s greatest events. To followers, he accurately predicted the French Revolution—the rise of Napoleon—and then Adolf Hitler—the assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy—and the bombing of the World Trade Centre—among others. Nostradamus is revered as a prophet. But was he a true prophet—one sent by God—or a fraud—a false prophet? Nostradamus has been the subject of many books and films, including popular television programs. According to one scholar, “…Nostradamus is probably the only author who could claim that his work has never been out of print for over 400 years, apart from the Bible. The interest he generates is extraordinary” (Erika Cheetham, The Prophecies of Nostradamus). In recent years, as millions of people seek to understand end-time prophecy, this interest has increased. Believing him inspired by God, some think his prophecies are on par with those in the Bible. In light of the interest surrounding this man, we must ask: “Did God send Nostradamus?” You can know—and by the end of this chapter you will.

Nostradamus was quite unequivocal in his affirmation that the prophecies contained in the ‘Centuries’ originated from God; as he announced in his preface to Les Prophéties: — “the perfect knowledge of events cannot be acquired without divine inspiration, since all prophetic inspiration receives its prime motivating force from God the Creator.” Jesus is coming soon! Let us keep our minds stayed on Him and our eyes focused on His Word — our only reliable guide for this life and the next!

Was Nostradamus a fraud or a prophet?  There are some who say that the seeming accuracy of his quatrains are a result of their facile interpretations. Still, more than four hundred books and essays about his prophecies have been published since his death in 1566, along with a great number of articles and other commentaries, in numerous languages.  Even skeptics pay careful attention to Nostradamus’ predictions of the three anti-Christs.  If Nostradamus truly predicted about Hitler and Napoleon, we should take heed of his words about the future.  Perhaps we can prevent the dismal fate Nostradamus has predicted.