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Authority Over The Enemy | Interesting Facts & Prophecy Of Nostradamus

Authority Over the Enemy

authority over enemy

When you started your life as a Christian, you were told that you have authority over the enemy. You do not have to let the enemies control or tempt you because you already have the authority of God in your life. This is very true, but not all of us understand what it means to truly have authority and how to prevent the enemy from fooling us.

When we have the authority of God in our lives, when we are submissive to authority, then we shall be people of authority when we stand in the presence of  the enemy and say,”Halt!” But if we’re not under authority, Satan won’t obey us. We must be under authority to have authority. Think about it. If an authority figure in your life stepped out of line or made some inappropriate remarks, would you still respond to that authority? Probably not. We need to stay within the limits set for us by God and not “step out of line.” Jude 9 tells us how the archangel Michael dealt with the devil. He did not bring forth any accusations or call him names. He didn’t even dispute with him. He simply said, “The Lord rebuke thee.” This is our pattern. We have the authority; we simply need to exercise it within the boundaries set by the Lord.

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