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Authority And Love | Interesting Facts & Prophecy Of Nostradamus

Authority and Love

authority of God

We all know that God has authority over us. But He has also assigned us to have authority over certain people and communities. If you were born to lead or if you are already a leader, then you must know that God has given you authority for a reason. It is part of His spiritual protocol.

God has called us to be subject to one another in love (I Pet. 5:5). This is an attitude of the heart; actions alone do not constitute submission. We may be performing all the right deeds; but if our heart is rebellious or if we think bitter thoughts toward one whom we are serving, how can we say we are truly submitted? God looks at our hearts, not merely our deeds. While pure deeds flow from a pure heart, they alone do not constitute purity before God and man. I have found that the measure of my submission will measure out the degree of my authority. If I am unwilling to obey God by being subject to those He has placed in authority over me, then the authority that is to be present in my life is not there; I cannot exercise authority over others.

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