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Am I Doing The Right Thing? | Interesting Facts & Prophecy Of Nostradamus

Am I Doing The Right Thing?

right thing

It is inevitable for God’s creations to want to please Him. It’s only natural to do so. We always aim to please God and make Him happy through our actions, words and thinking. We want to make sure that He is glorified in all ways possible.

We try in the flesh to do things that will please the Lord. We use relationships, we use works, we try to please Him the easy way. We may do good things, yet if they are not what is on God’s heart, we are not acting in obedience. In fact, what we may perceive as good may well be evil in God’s eyes. How are we to know whether it is in His will for an individual to face a difficulty on his own for a time? How are we to tell whether a problem is really God’s discipline? Many times we don’t know. And if we act without the command of the Lord, we might find ourselves working contrary to His will for someone’s life.

Gain the  wisdom needed to fully grasp God’s will, get your prophetic reading and let God’s prophecy be revealed to you. With your written prophecy, you will know God’s plans, design and will for you.  Get rid of the doubts in your head and start doing what God has intended for you!


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