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About Us

Have you ever heard of Nostradamus? Are you familiar with the prophecies and predictions that Nostradamus has written? Do you know which of his predictions have come true and what are its effects in the society?

Hundreds of years have passed since Nostradamus’ death, but many of his works are still alive in the thoughts of men today, with most of it came true. However, some of these predictions are vague to the human’s perception. Moreover, there are some of it that happened today but are not credited to him because the people do not have the idea that it is one of his predictions.

With that, Prophecies of Nostradamus is created to keep each one updated of Nostradamus’ prophecies. It is created to give everyone information that they should know about the prophecies of Nostradamus and relate it to some of the biblical prophecies. Furthermore, it is made to keep everyone updated of every prediction that he has written, and which of it have come true. It will allow you to travel through time and see the truth behind the signs and wonders, revealing every bit of his predictions.

Let yourself not be ignorant of the predictions of the past by knowing Nostradamus’ predictions. Be aware. Simply visit and let it reveal unto you the things which are considered as signs of the time.

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